MLI Discussion: Where Do I Draw the Line?

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It’s been a weird week.  I’m on vacation, and yet I feel more stressed than ever.  I’ve been challenged to rethink how I run my blog.  I should have suspected I’d have to make some decisions about what I do/do not write about.

I’ve chosen to put myself out there; the people in my life have not. Therefore, I’ve respected the privacy of the people in my life.  As I mentioned in my post The One, there is a lot more I could say here on MLI.  I’ve had a lot of experiences that would  make for great content — content that could entertain, inspire and inform.  But I elect not to out of respect for the people involved.

I was not always so considerate.  A few months ago, I wrote a post that offended someone important to me.  Fortunately for me, the approach by which the offended party chose to address the issue was so mature and open-minded that it actually strengthened our relationship.  I’ve been much more conscientious of what I post since that day.

But I’ve arrived here.  And I have to ask myself:  Where do I draw the line?  How do I balance chasing my dream, sharing my stories and making my contribution with protecting the readers impacted by my words?

Have you been faced with this dilemma?  What’s your philosophy?

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