Overheard: Timewarp at Lauren’s

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The “brady bits” page is where I post the funniest, cutest, smartest and most surprising things my son says (when I remember to post them before they ended up in the bottom of the brain pile).

But I hear/read/say other funny, cute, smart and surprising stuff all the time. (Yes, I said “say.”) And I’m always so tempted to share them. So I’m going to. In this series of posts called, Overheard.

It’s official.  I am the last living being without a huge flat screen TV.  I thought maybe, but decided definitely after learning that my friend’s 13-year-old son got a 36″ flat screen in his bedroom for Christmas.  I have three tube TVs in my house — one of which is a 32″ in my living room.  Shouldn’t that be good enough?  Another even has a DVD player and a VHS player in it.  C’mon!

Remember when there was some understanding that the size of your TV should be in direct proportion to the size of the room it’s in?  (Think late 80s, early 90s.)  I thought that had something to do with viewing pleasure.  Turns out — not so much.  I find much more pleasure in watching a movie or a game in 52″ High Definition while couching it four feet from the television, than I do watching it on my little tube.  Really, I compared the two.  Whomever put that idea in my head 20 years ago was either wrong, or couldn’t afford a big screen TV.  I’m just sayin…

But the oversized (or perfectly-sized, if we’re being honest) television is not on my “Must Have” list. It’s on my boyfriend’s “Lauren Must Have” list, but not mine. I don’t watch much television at all.  In fact, if it weren’t for Braden (and Doug), I’d cancel the cable.  And I can think of a million ways a thousand dollars could be put to better use (savings, vacation, The Limited, charity, the list goes on…).

I really didn’t even realize the rest of the world has one until the day I had Doug’s family over for Braden’s birthday in November.  After a brief time spent teasing me about my small, 200-pound tube TV with a grainy picture and a glare, Doug’s brother got over it.  Or so I thought.

Hours passed, and then Braden announced: “I want to play a biveo game!”  To which Doug’s brother responded: “Why don’t you ask your mommy to set up the Atari for you?”

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